Monday to Wednesday Shoes

Hi again,

When was I last here?  Life has been a whirlwind.  I think you’re meant to start winding down as you approach your leaving date at work but I’ve been working like a beast in the run up to leaving my job to try and get everything done and leave the firm and my clients with good memories.

As my last week is now here after three months I have decided to have a little shoe parade in the office and wear some of my more fancy shoes.

This is what I’ve worn so far this week.
Left to right you have Shoes of Prey, KG and Ruby Shoo.

I love these Shoes of Prey and I’m almost certain that no one will have an identical pair given that you get to hand pick all of the colours, etc.P1000941
My only issue with these shoes is that I don’t think the cross straps are quite in the right place as I have an issue with my little toe!
P1000942 P1000943
I seem to spend the whole time trying to fiddle with the straps and tuck it in.  I think that’s the reason I don’t wear them all that often as nothing looks uglier than toes sticking out all over the place!

Tuesday I wore the pink KG heels on the left, these must be about 8 to 10 years old.  It goes to prove that shoes can last a very long time if you look after them well.  That means that today’s shoes were the Roby Shoo’s on the right.  I found these on TK Maxx and couldn’t decide whether or not to buy them (
They are really lovely but they have a zip up the back and the back of the heel comes quite high up the ankle.  They can rub your ankles raw but I have discovered Compeed Blister plasters and they saved my ankle today from being skinned.P1000944

All I need to do now is decide what I’m going to wear on Thursday and Friday!

It’s been more than six years since I last changed jobs so it’s going to be a wrench as I’ve made some good friends but you sometimes have to try following your dreams and see where life takes you!


Big Friday Pick

So, it’s been a busy week and today has been very wet with stormy skies and rumbles of thunder.  After a nice take-away I’m sat on the sofa just having a little look to see what shoes are about at the moment.

Let me share some of my favourites.

These are currently £24.90 on the Modatoi website.  A perfect shoe for summer with the sandal vibe but a bit more cover up and closed toes for those wet summer days we are likely to get in the UK!

The next pair are £20.90 on the Modatoi website.  They offer them in the blue that I have picked but also in black, white, red and beige.  I like the silver contrast heel.

My next pick are similar to the above but the contrast heel is a slightly different style.  These are again from Modatoi and £20.90.  They are also available in black and blue.

The next pick are a classic court shoe but with a nice twist.  I have picked them in grey but I’d be happy with them in any of the other colours (black, beige or blue).  They are on offer at the moment for just £16.60.  I think they’d make a lovely office shoe.

My final pick from Modatoi are just delicious.  I have paid hundreds for a pair that look in the region of these but these are just £18.40.  They are also available with a red base.

Next I moved onto TK Maxx and I start with a nice pair of summer clog sandals.  I love this style of shoe after buying a few pairs like this in Portugal.  They are comfortable and sturdy and you won’t have to worry about getting them re-heeled!  There are a few colour options but I have gone for pink as I think these would look lovely against a tan.  The RRP on these is £90 but they are on sale at £16.00.

You know I said that I liked the clog sandal style of shoe, well I’ve proved it by picking these as well.  They were just too lovely to scroll past.  Again they have an RRP of £90 but are being sold for £16.

The final pair of the night are by a shoe designer I adore.  I have few pairs of his shoes and they are gorgeous.  Steve Madden is a shoe genius and these £110 shoes are available for £32.  You’re going to need to have your feet in tip top condition to wear these as they won’t cover any rough skin so get your Ped Egg, or similar, out and get those tootsies smooth.

That’s it for tonight.  Now I just need a spare £170 to go and buy them all…

Do you like any of my picks or have you seen something lovely that I’ve missed?

Kurt Geiger Sale

Watch out!!  There’s a Kurt Geiger sale on!!

Kurt Geiger make some of my very favourite shoes.  If I had unlimited funds I would own millions of pairs of Kurt’s because they are just so gorgeous!

I’ve had a little browse at the website and there are some stunners available but I’ve picked two that I’d love to own…

These beautiful shoes are called Jellia.  They have leather uppers and their neutral tones mean that they would go with pretty much anything!


I also adore these.  Their name is brilliant to start with – Howrude – I love that name!


These only seem to be available now in a size 3 (too small for me) but if you’re lucky enough to have diddy feet then snap them up – they’re gorgeous.

Have you found any amazing sales recently?  If so I’d love to hear about them.



The Lucky Cruise 13

Hi shoe friends,

It’s time to admit to you about what I packed for my holiday.

I am based in the UK and we boarded our cruise in Southampton so I could take as much baggage as I liked.  I thought long and hard about which shoes I wanted to take and these were the final 13.P1000881
There was a nice big selection to cover walking, strolling, shopping and then the formal evening meals.

I took my trusty Skechers trainers.  Above those are a pair of sandals I picked up from tReds for £5, to the right you have a pair of blue suede sandals by Guess (I adore these and I’ve had them 7 years), to the right are the heel less heels by Lipsy, then the custom shoes by Shoes of Prey, followed by my red sparkling Benjamin Adams, two pairs of Iron Fist are alongside those.  The black and white bow on the toe were a pair given to me by my husband for a birthday so I’m not sure where they’re from but I believe they came from Modatoi.  The next pair are a pair of Rocket Dog wedge flip-flops that I thought were interesting looking.  In front of those are a pair of wedge Golddigga flip flops, to the left are my Skechers yoga mat foot bed flip flops and tucked in the middle are flat Golddigga flip flops – the same design as the wedge ones (I know, sad!)P1000880

I am happy to confirm that I wore all but one pair.  The pair that I didn’t wear were my Shoes of Prey.  I have blogged about these before and the platform is huge, given that the sea conditions were ‘choppy’ I just didn’t think it was sensible to risk wearing them on board.  When I say it was choppy I mean this: my husband and I woke up one morning to four loud bangs, these bangs were our shampoo, conditioner and shower gels falling out of the shower basket and into the bath.  We also saw the contents of the swimming pool tipping out onto the deck.  I was worried about the motion of the boat making me feel nauseous but all it did was make me sleepy, it was like being rocked to sleep!

Have you cruised?  How many shoes did you take?

Lisbon Visit – New Shoes

Hi shoe people,

As you may know from previous posts I have recently returned from a little holiday.  One of the stops whilst aboard Navigator of the Seas was Lisbon and I was very excited as I have noted over the years that a lot of my lovely shoes show on the soles as ‘Made in Portugal’.

We docked in Portugal quite early so my husband and I were up, dressed, breakfasted and ready to catch the courtesy bus into town before 9am.

A short ride on the bus and we were in the centre of Lisbon.  It was a beautiful day but quite early and it didn’t take us long to realise that none of the shops actually open until 10 or 10.30.

There were lots of lovely cafes with tables lining the streets so we decided to sit and have a drink, soak up the sun and wait for the shops to open.  We have never visited Lisbon so didn’t know which café to go for so I chose based on the name.  One was called ‘Café Nicola’ and I have a cousin called Nicola so it seemed like a sound basis for deciding.

It’s at times like these that I curse myself for being useless at foreign languages.  I only learnt French at school and barely know any other languages but we found a few words of Portuguese to use and ordered a tea and a coffee.

Time ticked by and it was shopping time!

Shop number one yielded the pairs on the far sides of the pictures below.  The middle two came from shop number two (after this my husband considered it too dangerous to shop any further and we went back to the boat!)P1000871
The shoes are all leather, made in Portugal and as comfortable as shoes can be.

These were the first pair that I picked out.  I went for coral coloured fronts but they also had them in blue.

These were the first pair from shop number two.  I have to admit that they look a bit old fashioned in the photo but they look really nice on and they have a cushioned footbed and are just so comfortable.  When we had a rough day at sea and the contents of the swimming pool were spilling out onto the deck I wore these and they were lovely!P1000875

These were pair two from shop two and a bit of an impulse buy.  The shop was small and they had to go to another shop down the road to get their stock so while I was waiting for the black ones above to be brought back to the shop I saw these on the shelf.  They were in my size so I slipped one on to have a look and loved how they looked on so got them as well.  I wore these to London the other day and they were great for running across the station and I wore them to work today.

These were from shop one and were the most expensive.  My husband picked them out and I wasn’t sure to begin with but when I tried them on I was hooked.  My husband does have great taste, I have to admit.  He’s bought me clothes and shoes before that I look at and I’m not sure but when I put them on they look brilliant.

When I got home I realised that my new black shoes were separated at birth from their shoe twins.  Not the same colour and slightly different width straps but exactly the same style.  I love these silver Carvela sandals so it’s no wonder I knew the black ones would look nicer on than off.

I would love to visit Lisbon again as there were many, many shops that we didn’t get a chance to see.  I would definitely take an empty case to bring back more gorgeous shoes.  If you’re a shoe person then I’m sure you’ll find something you love in Lisbon.

Have you been to Lisbon?  Did you find any lovely shoe shops?


Quick Pick


I’m still coming back down to earth a bit after my holiday and trying to adjust to reality so to ease back into real life I have had a browse through to see what has been going on in the shoe world over the last couple of weeks.

In the summer I don’t think you can beat a clog.  I have a few pairs of various designs and they are perfect for the summer.  They look great with shorts, skirts, dresses and trousers.  They are a really good all rounder.  You can wear them on grass without fear of sinking into the ground as well as them being fine for strolling on hard surfaces.

I have found a very nice example today on the TK Maxx website for a bargain £14.99.

They also have them in different colours and designs:-
These are my pick of today and will see you through the rest of spring, summer and into autumn until it gets a bit chilly.

Have you found any good picks??


No Heel High Heels

Today’s heels are barely able to be called ‘high heels’.  They may be high but they don’t actually have heels.

I was intrigued by this style of shoe when they first came to market about three, or so, years ago.  It took me a while to get a pair but these were an impulse buy – it was my birthday, we were in the Kurt Geiger outlet shop, they were sitting there looking all shiny and pretty…P1000430 P1000432
I wasn’t sure so I decided to try them on.  To look at them they look bizarre, to wear them they feel like completely normal shoes.  The only time you have to watch your footing is on stairs as you don’t have quite the ground coverage that you might expect!

I love the colour of these (rose gold, in case the picture is distorted).  They are easy to wear, feminine and comfortable.  They also attract a few double takes and comments of ‘how do you walk in those?’ (a common question I’m asked!)

Amazon have got some pretty court style heel less shoes at the moment:-
I would definitely give these a try.  There are also some available on eBay from both shops and individuals.

If you’re concerned about being able to walk in them I wouldn’t worry about that.  If you can walk in heels then you will probably be ok in these.  Do what I do; clump around in them in the house to get a good feel for them!  My husband always looks suspiciously at my feet when I’m making a ‘shoe noise’ in the house and not wearing my normal flip flop slippers!  At least I don’t try and hide my purchases!

Do you remember I fell in love with a pair of Ruby Shoos from TK Maxx ( I must admit that I did buy them in the end.  I’ll fill you in soon!

P.S. I have just come back from a cruise (first one and haven’t have a holiday for seven years so it was well deserved) and wore these a couple of times.  They are really good when it’s rough, nice and stable.  Also they turn a lot of heads, get a lot of double takes and you can hear people “whispering” about them!  I will tell you more about the 13 pairs of shoes I took and the beautiful pairs I purchased from Portugal.


A Quick Thought

It’s a beautiful day so instead of being miserable and sitting at my desk this lunchtime I decided to go for a wander.

It’s my Grandad’s birthday so I thought I’d nip to M&S and treat him to a little cake.

Anyway, as I always do, I was taking in the footwear of my fellow shoppers (I’m wearing these today – my favourite Steve Madden shoes!):
I heard a real clip clopping coming from close by so I had a look about.  I saw a woman committing a shoe crime!  Her heels had lost the heel tips and she was walking on the metal studs.  Given the state of the base of the heel she’d been wearing them like this for a while.

I am quite lazy and currently have about three pairs of shoes that need new heels but I never wear them until they’ve been done.  If the shoes are good enough to wear then it’s worth spending between £5 and £10 to get your heels re-tipped.  Walking about on the metal tips is not only noisy but it completely ruins the base of the heel.

Anyway, just a quick thought – back to work now.

Sunday Comfort

If you’ve been reading my posts I think you’ll get the idea that I love a nice pair of heels on my shoes but I do have sensible shoes too.

Today has been a great day for a number of reasons.  Firstly, it’s Sunday and that’s always good when your work week is Monday to Friday!  Secondly, and most importantly, I got to meet up with some friends visiting from the US who I haven’t seen for just over 20 years.  I’m in my mid thirties so I was young when I last saw them but it was amazing how easily you can just fall into natural conversation with some people.

Anyway, that’s not what you’re here for.  My sensible shoes today were a pair of Skechers sandals.  In recent years I have fallen in love with Skechers.  I’ve had four pairs of their sandals and two pairs of trainers over the last few years and Skechers know how to make a comfortable pair of shoes!

Last year I discovered their sandals with a ‘Yoga Mat’ foot bed and I can vouch for the fact that they are just beyond comfortable.  Going to see our friends today I decided to go for comfort and the Skechers went on.

I can’t find the sandals that I have, but they were from last summer so I guess their range has changed but if I was picking a pair today I would be going for these:

I could walk miles in my sandals and I’m pretty sure I could walk just as far in these.  It just goes to show that comfortable shoes can still be beautiful and don’t have to be flat.

My trainers of choice always used to be the children’s version of Nike Rifts but I now have Skechers trainers and they’re lovely.  Light, flexible and comfortable but that’s a post for another day!

What are your ‘go to’ shoes in the summer?

Screen Shopping for Shoes

One of the purposes of my blog on shoes was going to be to share with you my internet finds.

Many of my evenings are spent searching for something to fall in love with.  Shoes serve a practical purpose but that doesn’t mean that they need to be dull.  I have a few pairs of shoes for particular purposes.  I do own trainers, flip flops, Birkenstocks and winter boots but when I don’t need my shoes to do anything other than be beautiful I like to go to town.

I have some gorgeous shoes but I have got some absolute bargains and I will share with you my secrets to finding a bargain.

Let me start where I often start…  My first port of call is TK Maxx.  I’ve been in a few TK Maxx shops and I’m not a huge fan.  They have some great items but trying to find something good in the clothes rails is more effort than I’m willing to expend.  If I visit the shops I head straight for the shoe section.  It’s laid out by size so you don’t have to waste your time coveting shoes that don’t fit you.

The website is very much the same.  I look at women’s shoes and filter them by size.  I have found a pair that I really like:-

These are by Ruby Shoo and are only £16.99.  If you own anything by Ruby Shoo you’ll know that it’s a really good price.  The RRP on these is £38 and if you look in tReds or similar and find full price Ruby Shoos that is pretty much what you would pay.  More than a little bit tempted…

The details are here if you want to look in more detail:-

They have got some great names on here.  I love Steve Madden shoes, Kurt Geiger (including Miss KG) and Benjamin Adams and they have them all on here.  It’s a lottery as to what they have and in what size but it’s certainly worth a browse if you are shoe inclined.

Once I’ve filled up a basket with shoes at TK Maxx, asked my husband if he wants to buy me a present, been told no I then move on to Modatoi.

I set my filter to ‘Shoes’, ‘Heels’ and then select my shoe size.  What I love about this website is that they do shoes in all colours of the rainbow.  If you have an outfit and are looking for a coloured shoe then I’m almost certain you’ll find it here.

I think my pick of the day today will have to be these:-

They are available in yellow and blue as well.  I like the fact that they are classic with a twist.

I’m also enamoured by these:-

I’m on a slippery slope here!  This website always has many shoes I love.  What I like most is that most of them are around about £20.  It’s not a nothing amount of money but it’s not a huge amount of money in the grand scheme of things.

My final port of call on a regular basis is this:-

If you set the department to ‘Shoes, Bags & Accessories’ and the sub category to ‘Shoes’.  Press the ‘Search’ button and it’ll take you to the Amazon website.  Now just set your filters to whatever you’re looking for.  I set mine to ‘Women’s Shoes’ and pick my size and then have a look.

There are a lot of vile shoes to pick your way through (in my opinion) but you find some gems.  I like these –
They are currently £8.99 rather than the RRP of £49.99.

Where do you look for your shoes?  Have you found any gems?