Timmy Chew


Happy Sunday to everyone out there.  I hope you are having a great day.

I am joining you today to talk to you about a lovely pair of Iron Fist shoes that are probably only for the brave.  You can’t be concerned about what people think because these turn heads and people give their opinions.

Take a look
P1000443 P1000441

You are not mistaken…these are patent black court shoes with teeth and gums on the front.  They go by the name of Timmy Chew and, I think, they are fantastic.

I have also worn these to work, albeit on a charitable dress down day.  I almost wore them to the dentist but I’m a massive wimp at the dentist and didn’t want my visit to last a second longer than it needed to!

You can still buy these from several retailers, on Amazon they are available for around £18 – £22.

I am told that I’m not a good judge of whether something is a ‘high’ heel or not but I don’t think they are high so I could do a lot of walking in them.

If you want a conversation piece or something just a little bit outside of the ordinary then I don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you treat yourself to these.

I’ll shortly be seeing my Dad to wish him a wonderful Father’s Day and I hope you shoe lovers all have a wonderful Sunday.


The Lucky Cruise 13

Hi shoe friends,

It’s time to admit to you about what I packed for my holiday.

I am based in the UK and we boarded our cruise in Southampton so I could take as much baggage as I liked.  I thought long and hard about which shoes I wanted to take and these were the final 13.P1000881
There was a nice big selection to cover walking, strolling, shopping and then the formal evening meals.

I took my trusty Skechers trainers.  Above those are a pair of sandals I picked up from tReds for £5, to the right you have a pair of blue suede sandals by Guess (I adore these and I’ve had them 7 years), to the right are the heel less heels by Lipsy, then the custom shoes by Shoes of Prey, followed by my red sparkling Benjamin Adams, two pairs of Iron Fist are alongside those.  The black and white bow on the toe were a pair given to me by my husband for a birthday so I’m not sure where they’re from but I believe they came from Modatoi.  The next pair are a pair of Rocket Dog wedge flip-flops that I thought were interesting looking.  In front of those are a pair of wedge Golddigga flip flops, to the left are my Skechers yoga mat foot bed flip flops and tucked in the middle are flat Golddigga flip flops – the same design as the wedge ones (I know, sad!)P1000880

I am happy to confirm that I wore all but one pair.  The pair that I didn’t wear were my Shoes of Prey.  I have blogged about these before and the platform is huge, given that the sea conditions were ‘choppy’ I just didn’t think it was sensible to risk wearing them on board.  When I say it was choppy I mean this: my husband and I woke up one morning to four loud bangs, these bangs were our shampoo, conditioner and shower gels falling out of the shower basket and into the bath.  We also saw the contents of the swimming pool tipping out onto the deck.  I was worried about the motion of the boat making me feel nauseous but all it did was make me sleepy, it was like being rocked to sleep!

Have you cruised?  How many shoes did you take?

Who Are You Looking At?


I’m almost certain that these shoes are going to divide opinion.  Some of you will love them and some of you will hate them.

I own them, and wear them, so clearly I love them!

These are another pair of Iron Fist shoes called ‘I See You’.P1000436 P1000437

You may remember from my last post about Iron Fist shoes I told you that the sole is printed with the theme item from the shoes.  I have only worn these a few times so the pattern is still visible on the bottom of these.  It’s nice attention to detail.P1000438

These are them on:-
As you can see, they’re not for the faint hearted as they are quite high and they have a narrow heel but if you give them a try I think you’ll like them.

On the occasions that I’ve worn these it has resulted in conversations with strangers.  The comments vary from asking where I got my fabulous shoes to people asking how I can walk in something so high.

The question of how I can walk in something so high comes up all the time.  I have worn heels since I can remember.  I was always clumping around the house in my mum’s shoes, or those little plastic high heels, when I was little and, as soon as my feet were big enough, I was allowed a little pair of heels of my own.  I have always walked about on my tiptoes when I’m not wearing shoes.  My parents tell me I walked like that when I was small so wearing heels feels so natural for me.  I do wear trainers and flip flops so my leg muscles aren’t ruined but I feel very at home in heels.

Back to ‘I See You’.  They are bright and out there and not for everyone but if you want to wear a statement shoe these are a good choice.  They are not a current design so are not currently available on the Iron Fist website but I have found a few pairs on eBay if you want to give them a try.

What do you think?  Are you brave enough to wear these?  What would you wear them with?

Iron Fist for Work

Hello again shoe people,

I could get carried away on a tangent about the TV show ‘The Shoe People’ but I really shouldn’t.  I do however think that this is where the obsession started!

Today’s shoes are these little beauties from Iron Fist.


If you’re not familiar with Iron Fist then let me tell you a little bit about them.

In my opinion Iron Fist is one of the most exciting shoe makers on the market.  Their shoes really are bold, fun, different and exciting.  I own quite a number of pairs so you’ll see some of the repertoire if you stay with  me on this shoe journey.

This style is called ‘Beautiful Sinner’.  Now, look carefully and you will see the genius of Iron Fist.  Yes, some of their shoes are completely ‘out there’ and there is a picture of a zombie or similar adorning their footwear but they have some more subtle shoes too.  These shoes are a pink base colour then they have white and pink roses with green leaves.  That’s not it though.  There are then little black and white pictures of a skeleton figure.

What I love about these is that from a distance they just look like a pink shoes with a flower motif but the closer you get the more interesting they get.  What I also love about Iron Fist shoes is that there is a print on the sole of the shoe of the ‘interesting’ part of the pattern – granted it doesn’t last long once you start walking about in them but it’s a nice detail to begin with.  Finally, loads of their shoes have an interesting pattern inside.  There is real attention to detail in these shoes and it just makes them fabulous!

In case it is relevant to any of my readers, these shoes are also vegan.  Not this pair in particular, but other Iron Fist shoes, are real conversation starters as well.  I’ll show you a pair that have that effect soon!

Now, let me get to the wearing of these babies.  They look fabulous with jeans and when I wear black trousers I love to wear these to work.  People in the office don’t tend to bend over and examine your shoes so to most people they just look like a pair of pink floral courts.P1000400

See, only a little bit of them shows under trousers.

I love to wear them with a black dress.  I like a 50’s style dress with a nice full skirt, a great pair of shoes can really change the look and feel of your outfit.  A knee length skirt also looks good.

My final tip would be this…  When you’re wearing a statement pair of shoes keep the rest of your outfit simple so the attention is going where you want it to go.

Have you got any Iron Fist shoes?  Have you got your eye on any?