Timmy Chew


Happy Sunday to everyone out there.  I hope you are having a great day.

I am joining you today to talk to you about a lovely pair of Iron Fist shoes that are probably only for the brave.  You can’t be concerned about what people think because these turn heads and people give their opinions.

Take a look
P1000443 P1000441

You are not mistaken…these are patent black court shoes with teeth and gums on the front.  They go by the name of Timmy Chew and, I think, they are fantastic.

I have also worn these to work, albeit on a charitable dress down day.  I almost wore them to the dentist but I’m a massive wimp at the dentist and didn’t want my visit to last a second longer than it needed to!

You can still buy these from several retailers, on Amazon they are available for around £18 – £22.

I am told that I’m not a good judge of whether something is a ‘high’ heel or not but I don’t think they are high so I could do a lot of walking in them.

If you want a conversation piece or something just a little bit outside of the ordinary then I don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you treat yourself to these.

I’ll shortly be seeing my Dad to wish him a wonderful Father’s Day and I hope you shoe lovers all have a wonderful Sunday.


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