Shellys London – Deceptive Shoes

Good evening,

Today I wanted to talk about a great find from the TK Maxx website.

If you have shopped with TK Maxx before then you know that you have to be quick when you find something as they have a set number and then the range changes.  I purchased these back in February 2016 so they are no longer available at TK Maxx but they have different shoes from Shellys from time to time.

These are excitingly referred to as ‘black and powder blue zip front heels’, pretty catchy name, eh?!P1000427

I’ve had another try of the wearers eye view of shoes because I think these look nice from above.

I was able to purchase these for £16.99.  The RRP, according to TK Maxx, was around the £95 mark.  I wondered how accurate this was so I did a search when I purchased them.  I was surprised to see that this wasn’t a made up price and retailers were actually selling them for £95 or more.

I can only find them on a US site at the moment:-

The title of my blog reveals that there is something deceiving about these shoes.  Looking at the picture of me wearing them it’s still hard to remember just how high these are.  I don’t have an issue with high shoes but these don’t reveal how high they are until you’re wearing them.  I had the bright idea of walking from my house to a Tesco Local.  It wasn’t far away, about a mile or so.  I set off and started to realise, as I was part way down the road, that these were actually quite high!  The pavements where I live are not in the best of repair and I found it a challenge to walk in these on the poor pavements.  I made it to the shop and back fine but I still find these a mystery.  They don’t have an exceptionally high platform or any exceptionally high heel.  On flat and smooth ground they are brilliant to wear but on a pot holed, manky pavement they weren’t ideal!

Still, I’m used to walking in heels and have very flexible ankles so a little twist won’t stop me anymore.

I don’t like to fit in and wear boring, plain black courts or pumps.  When these arrived at work I did wear them for a few hours and no one really gave me a second glance.  My colleagues are so used to me wearing all manner of shoes that they barely notice anything now!

I like the contrast on these shoes.  The powder blue is just the most gorgeous colour, the snake print is interesting and the black is classic.

I will get a lot of wear from these shoes but I’ll just be a bit more picky about when I wear them and it’ll be when I visit a nice shopping centre rather than walking about on pot hole pavements!



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