Who Are You Looking At?


I’m almost certain that these shoes are going to divide opinion.  Some of you will love them and some of you will hate them.

I own them, and wear them, so clearly I love them!

These are another pair of Iron Fist shoes called ‘I See You’.P1000436 P1000437

You may remember from my last post about Iron Fist shoes I told you that the sole is printed with the theme item from the shoes.  I have only worn these a few times so the pattern is still visible on the bottom of these.  It’s nice attention to detail.P1000438

These are them on:-
As you can see, they’re not for the faint hearted as they are quite high and they have a narrow heel but if you give them a try I think you’ll like them.

On the occasions that I’ve worn these it has resulted in conversations with strangers.  The comments vary from asking where I got my fabulous shoes to people asking how I can walk in something so high.

The question of how I can walk in something so high comes up all the time.  I have worn heels since I can remember.  I was always clumping around the house in my mum’s shoes, or those little plastic high heels, when I was little and, as soon as my feet were big enough, I was allowed a little pair of heels of my own.  I have always walked about on my tiptoes when I’m not wearing shoes.  My parents tell me I walked like that when I was small so wearing heels feels so natural for me.  I do wear trainers and flip flops so my leg muscles aren’t ruined but I feel very at home in heels.

Back to ‘I See You’.  They are bright and out there and not for everyone but if you want to wear a statement shoe these are a good choice.  They are not a current design so are not currently available on the Iron Fist website but I have found a few pairs on eBay if you want to give them a try.

What do you think?  Are you brave enough to wear these?  What would you wear them with?


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