Something for the Weekend?

Good evening fellow shoe lovers.

It occurred to me when I was taking some pictures of my shoes that the way we photograph shoes is not representative of the way that we actually see our shoes when we wear them.  Perhaps I can revolutionise how we photograph shoes…P1000429
I guess not the most flattering of angles…  I’ll work on that!!

To be honest, if I left this post with just the above picture you would have no idea of what these shoes actually look like.  This picture holds a secret!

Let me tell you a bit about the shoes before the reveal.

I remember being in a popular high street store once and looking at a pair of shoes that I thought were really pretty.  I was umming and ahhing and had picked them up and was about to take them to pay for them when two other women came into the shop, picked them up and bought them.  This was my cue to put them back and leave the shop.  I don’t like the idea that other people are wearing the same shoes as me so when I discovered Shoes of Prey I thought all of my dreams had come true!

I have spent many an evening designing pairs of shoes and storing them in my profile for when I win the lottery!  I’m not going to lie, these shoes are not cheap.  You are looking at a pair of heels starting at around £160.

I received this pair from my husband for my birthday and he did well!  They are beautifully presented in a ribbon tied box, the interior of which is padded with foam.  They are tissue wrapped and include a cloth storage bag, a pack of accessories such as heel grips and gel insoles.  The package is then topped off with a photo of your new shoes.

You can customise everything on their website.  It would be the perfect place for a unique pair of wedding shoes or for a very special occasion.

This is a better picture of the pair my husband designed for me:-
P1000425 P1000424

Now you may be thinking that they have one hell of a platform and you’d be right!  I don’t think my husband quite appreciated how high they were when he designed them so it certainly will have to be the right occasion to wear these babies but they are gorgeous and surprisingly comfortable.  If you compare the platform to the heel you don’t actually feel as if you’re wearing big heels when they’re on – apart from when you realise how much taller you are than everyone else now!

By way of comparison I have put them next to a pair of ‘normal’ heels here for youP1000426

Quite a difference, right?!

If you have a spare hour I would recommend heading over to this site and having a go at designing your unique shoes.  If you order them the quality is impeccable and the chances of you bumping into someone wearing the same shoes as you when you order from here is incredibly remote.  I’d rather have a custom designed pair of shoes from here than spending hundreds on a pair of shoes that you’ll see other women in.  You may think you want Louboutin’s but they mass produce those, these are made completely to your specification and they come with a 365 day return or remake policy.

I’d love to see your design if you make a pair, just be cautious when adding the platforms to them – they get pretty high!


2 thoughts on “Something for the Weekend?

  1. meinheels says:

    You need to let me know how you get on with these. I saw some of their promo material describing how comfortable they are. I do know what you mean regarding exclusivity and that is the appeal of Shoes of Prey, but I’ve never been satisfied with my designs.


  2. emrothwell says:

    So far, so good. I got them last summer but haven’t really had occasion to wear them yet so I just give them an outing around the house occasionally.
    Have you turned any of your designs into actual shoes or you just don’t like them on screen? They do have some recommended designs that are helpful. I have found it hard to design them though. When you have all of that freedom it’s trying to pin down what you really want.


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