Sunday Comfort

If you’ve been reading my posts I think you’ll get the idea that I love a nice pair of heels on my shoes but I do have sensible shoes too.

Today has been a great day for a number of reasons.  Firstly, it’s Sunday and that’s always good when your work week is Monday to Friday!  Secondly, and most importantly, I got to meet up with some friends visiting from the US who I haven’t seen for just over 20 years.  I’m in my mid thirties so I was young when I last saw them but it was amazing how easily you can just fall into natural conversation with some people.

Anyway, that’s not what you’re here for.  My sensible shoes today were a pair of Skechers sandals.  In recent years I have fallen in love with Skechers.  I’ve had four pairs of their sandals and two pairs of trainers over the last few years and Skechers know how to make a comfortable pair of shoes!

Last year I discovered their sandals with a ‘Yoga Mat’ foot bed and I can vouch for the fact that they are just beyond comfortable.  Going to see our friends today I decided to go for comfort and the Skechers went on.

I can’t find the sandals that I have, but they were from last summer so I guess their range has changed but if I was picking a pair today I would be going for these:

I could walk miles in my sandals and I’m pretty sure I could walk just as far in these.  It just goes to show that comfortable shoes can still be beautiful and don’t have to be flat.

My trainers of choice always used to be the children’s version of Nike Rifts but I now have Skechers trainers and they’re lovely.  Light, flexible and comfortable but that’s a post for another day!

What are your ‘go to’ shoes in the summer?


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