Screen Shopping for Shoes

One of the purposes of my blog on shoes was going to be to share with you my internet finds.

Many of my evenings are spent searching for something to fall in love with.  Shoes serve a practical purpose but that doesn’t mean that they need to be dull.  I have a few pairs of shoes for particular purposes.  I do own trainers, flip flops, Birkenstocks and winter boots but when I don’t need my shoes to do anything other than be beautiful I like to go to town.

I have some gorgeous shoes but I have got some absolute bargains and I will share with you my secrets to finding a bargain.

Let me start where I often start…  My first port of call is TK Maxx.  I’ve been in a few TK Maxx shops and I’m not a huge fan.  They have some great items but trying to find something good in the clothes rails is more effort than I’m willing to expend.  If I visit the shops I head straight for the shoe section.  It’s laid out by size so you don’t have to waste your time coveting shoes that don’t fit you.

The website is very much the same.  I look at women’s shoes and filter them by size.  I have found a pair that I really like:-

These are by Ruby Shoo and are only £16.99.  If you own anything by Ruby Shoo you’ll know that it’s a really good price.  The RRP on these is £38 and if you look in tReds or similar and find full price Ruby Shoos that is pretty much what you would pay.  More than a little bit tempted…

The details are here if you want to look in more detail:-

They have got some great names on here.  I love Steve Madden shoes, Kurt Geiger (including Miss KG) and Benjamin Adams and they have them all on here.  It’s a lottery as to what they have and in what size but it’s certainly worth a browse if you are shoe inclined.

Once I’ve filled up a basket with shoes at TK Maxx, asked my husband if he wants to buy me a present, been told no I then move on to Modatoi.

I set my filter to ‘Shoes’, ‘Heels’ and then select my shoe size.  What I love about this website is that they do shoes in all colours of the rainbow.  If you have an outfit and are looking for a coloured shoe then I’m almost certain you’ll find it here.

I think my pick of the day today will have to be these:-

They are available in yellow and blue as well.  I like the fact that they are classic with a twist.

I’m also enamoured by these:-

I’m on a slippery slope here!  This website always has many shoes I love.  What I like most is that most of them are around about £20.  It’s not a nothing amount of money but it’s not a huge amount of money in the grand scheme of things.

My final port of call on a regular basis is this:-

If you set the department to ‘Shoes, Bags & Accessories’ and the sub category to ‘Shoes’.  Press the ‘Search’ button and it’ll take you to the Amazon website.  Now just set your filters to whatever you’re looking for.  I set mine to ‘Women’s Shoes’ and pick my size and then have a look.

There are a lot of vile shoes to pick your way through (in my opinion) but you find some gems.  I like these –
They are currently £8.99 rather than the RRP of £49.99.

Where do you look for your shoes?  Have you found any gems?









4 thoughts on “Screen Shopping for Shoes

  1. emrothwell says:

    I haven’t been to Bicester Village for years. Sounds like I need to visit! I go to Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth where they have a Kurt Geiger outlet. That really is so tempting.
    I have shoes that I wear for years and years so if it’s last seasons style that doesn’t concern me if I can get them at a quarter of the original price!


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