Iron Fist for Work

Hello again shoe people,

I could get carried away on a tangent about the TV show ‘The Shoe People’ but I really shouldn’t.  I do however think that this is where the obsession started!

Today’s shoes are these little beauties from Iron Fist.


If you’re not familiar with Iron Fist then let me tell you a little bit about them.

In my opinion Iron Fist is one of the most exciting shoe makers on the market.  Their shoes really are bold, fun, different and exciting.  I own quite a number of pairs so you’ll see some of the repertoire if you stay with  me on this shoe journey.

This style is called ‘Beautiful Sinner’.  Now, look carefully and you will see the genius of Iron Fist.  Yes, some of their shoes are completely ‘out there’ and there is a picture of a zombie or similar adorning their footwear but they have some more subtle shoes too.  These shoes are a pink base colour then they have white and pink roses with green leaves.  That’s not it though.  There are then little black and white pictures of a skeleton figure.

What I love about these is that from a distance they just look like a pink shoes with a flower motif but the closer you get the more interesting they get.  What I also love about Iron Fist shoes is that there is a print on the sole of the shoe of the ‘interesting’ part of the pattern – granted it doesn’t last long once you start walking about in them but it’s a nice detail to begin with.  Finally, loads of their shoes have an interesting pattern inside.  There is real attention to detail in these shoes and it just makes them fabulous!

In case it is relevant to any of my readers, these shoes are also vegan.  Not this pair in particular, but other Iron Fist shoes, are real conversation starters as well.  I’ll show you a pair that have that effect soon!

Now, let me get to the wearing of these babies.  They look fabulous with jeans and when I wear black trousers I love to wear these to work.  People in the office don’t tend to bend over and examine your shoes so to most people they just look like a pair of pink floral courts.P1000400

See, only a little bit of them shows under trousers.

I love to wear them with a black dress.  I like a 50’s style dress with a nice full skirt, a great pair of shoes can really change the look and feel of your outfit.  A knee length skirt also looks good.

My final tip would be this…  When you’re wearing a statement pair of shoes keep the rest of your outfit simple so the attention is going where you want it to go.

Have you got any Iron Fist shoes?  Have you got your eye on any?


3 thoughts on “Iron Fist for Work

    • emrothwell says:

      I have heard of Irregular Choice. I have got one pair of their shoes which I wear quite often. I did love a pair they made where the heel was a gnome but they were so expensive I just couldn’t convince myself to buy them. Do you own Irregular Choice?


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