Coloured Courts by Modatoi


I know I said that this blog was in progress and I was preparing.  I decided today that there’s no time like the present to get underway so here we go…the first pair of beautiful heels to feature on my blog are these:-


Have you ever seen or worn anything like those before?  No?  Why’s that?  I understand that not everyone has the confidence to wear such a statement and other people might just think they’re gross but that’s the beauty of choice.

In my opinion a beautiful pair of shoes is a pair that are unique and you’re not going to see dozens of people wearing.  These fit that bill, I have never seen anyone else wearing these.

These are not in the current Modatoi collection but they have lots of interesting and exciting shoes like these.  When I chose these there were a number of colour combinations but I decided to go bold.

What would you wear them with?  In my opinion you can get a way with a lot.  They look superb with jeans, black trousers or a black skirt.  I would recommend that if you are going to wear a nice statement shoe like this that you keep the rest of your outfit plain.  Clothes for me are a means to an end, for me it’s the shoe (and a nice handbag) that makes the outfit interesting.

These shoes have taken me to a number of places.  I’ve worn them to work.  If you wear them under black trousers only a bit of them is showing so there’s a peek of something interesting but if you work in a more conservative environment you’re not showing too much colour off.

The green part on the bottom is all platform which means that although they look like a high heel, when you’re wearing them they don’t feel like a high heel.

Although these are no longer available they still have a similar idea in their current collection, if a slightly toned down version:-
These are currently at £18.40 and are available in three colour choices.

I currently have my eye on these little beauties:-

So then, tell me, would you wear a bright bold shoe like these or are you more of a black pump person?


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