Preparation, preparation, preparation

Hello Shoe Lovers,

I promise that this blog will start to take shape very soon.  My life is changing and I will soon be telling you many lovely things about lovely shoes but before I am able to start there are a few obstacles to overcome.

In the meantime the best things need preparation.  As this blog will focus on the feet it’s time to prepare those little tootsies for the summer.

I’ve painted my toenails and I’m currently spending each night before bed smearing my feet in any lotion I can find before pulling on a pair of white socks and letting nature take its course overnight.

If you’re anything like me you will have accumulated masses and masses of body lotions over the years from Christmas gift sets.  Bubble baths and shower gels seem to be used much faster than the lotions that come in the sets.

I have learnt that body butter is fantastic for feet but any moisturiser will do.  There really is no need to buy expensive and special foot lotions.  One word of warning…when you take the socks off in the morning be really careful if you are walking on hard flooring or getting in the bath or shower.  Your feet may have a creamy residue on them and it can make you more prone to slipping.  If in doubt leave your socks on and give your feet a rinse before you start your day.

Another tip is this…when you get hot in bed in the summer you can take off your socks and the change of temperature in your feet can make the whole of you feel much cooler.  It doesn’t last ages but it’s a nice few minutes of cooling!

I’ll be back soon with my shoe adventures but in the meantime keep those feet moisturised and toenails clean and short.


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