All That Glitters

I apologise for the gap in posts.  As I briefly mentioned in my no heel heels post I have been on holiday.  This is my first holiday for seven years so it was much needed!

If you’ve read my blog you may know that I have a nut allergy so taking a flight is always stressful in case I get trapped in a tube full of peanut fumes.  After considering the options I contacted a few cruise operators and they confirmed that they were able to cater for a nut allergy.

The cruise that we went on had two formal nights and I knew straight away that there was one pair of shoes that were coming with me.  My red Benjamin Adams made the cut because they are just beautiful.
These were probably my most expensive shoes but the amount that I adore them means that they were worth every penny.
P1000448 P1000446
I have tried to capture the sparkle and the whites, reds and blues that twinkle off of them when you wear them.

They have a concealed platform so they make me quite a bit taller than my original size but they are very comfortable.
P1000445 P1000444
I wore them on my holiday with a long lace dress –
By the way, this dress is a bargain!  I was dubious given the price but it is beautifully made, really heavy material and looks lovely on.  It’s a long dress on me and skims the floor in bare feet so a good pair of heels is necessary for me unless I want to dust the floors.  The sparkly shoes just peeking out from the bottom of the dress are a nice touch.

The night that I wore these the sea was a bit rough but I had no problem trotting around the boat.  No trips, slips or falling over which is always good when you’re trying to look glam!

If you’re looking to try a pair of Benjamin Adams then have a search on TK Maxx, they have the brand from time to time.  I purchased mine from a small boutique – they were in the window and it was that moment when you stop and admire them and walk off but keep looking back down the street and have to go back and get them because you know you’ll regret it if you don’t!

What are your ‘must have’ shoes?  Are there any shoes that you still think about because you didn’t buy them?


No Heel High Heels

Today’s heels are barely able to be called ‘high heels’.  They may be high but they don’t actually have heels.

I was intrigued by this style of shoe when they first came to market about three, or so, years ago.  It took me a while to get a pair but these were an impulse buy – it was my birthday, we were in the Kurt Geiger outlet shop, they were sitting there looking all shiny and pretty…P1000430 P1000432
I wasn’t sure so I decided to try them on.  To look at them they look bizarre, to wear them they feel like completely normal shoes.  The only time you have to watch your footing is on stairs as you don’t have quite the ground coverage that you might expect!

I love the colour of these (rose gold, in case the picture is distorted).  They are easy to wear, feminine and comfortable.  They also attract a few double takes and comments of ‘how do you walk in those?’ (a common question I’m asked!)

Amazon have got some pretty court style heel less shoes at the moment:-
I would definitely give these a try.  There are also some available on eBay from both shops and individuals.

If you’re concerned about being able to walk in them I wouldn’t worry about that.  If you can walk in heels then you will probably be ok in these.  Do what I do; clump around in them in the house to get a good feel for them!  My husband always looks suspiciously at my feet when I’m making a ‘shoe noise’ in the house and not wearing my normal flip flop slippers!  At least I don’t try and hide my purchases!

Do you remember I fell in love with a pair of Ruby Shoos from TK Maxx ( I must admit that I did buy them in the end.  I’ll fill you in soon!

P.S. I have just come back from a cruise (first one and haven’t have a holiday for seven years so it was well deserved) and wore these a couple of times.  They are really good when it’s rough, nice and stable.  Also they turn a lot of heads, get a lot of double takes and you can hear people “whispering” about them!  I will tell you more about the 13 pairs of shoes I took and the beautiful pairs I purchased from Portugal.


Shellys London – Deceptive Shoes

Good evening,

Today I wanted to talk about a great find from the TK Maxx website.

If you have shopped with TK Maxx before then you know that you have to be quick when you find something as they have a set number and then the range changes.  I purchased these back in February 2016 so they are no longer available at TK Maxx but they have different shoes from Shellys from time to time.

These are excitingly referred to as ‘black and powder blue zip front heels’, pretty catchy name, eh?!P1000427

I’ve had another try of the wearers eye view of shoes because I think these look nice from above.

I was able to purchase these for £16.99.  The RRP, according to TK Maxx, was around the £95 mark.  I wondered how accurate this was so I did a search when I purchased them.  I was surprised to see that this wasn’t a made up price and retailers were actually selling them for £95 or more.

I can only find them on a US site at the moment:-

The title of my blog reveals that there is something deceiving about these shoes.  Looking at the picture of me wearing them it’s still hard to remember just how high these are.  I don’t have an issue with high shoes but these don’t reveal how high they are until you’re wearing them.  I had the bright idea of walking from my house to a Tesco Local.  It wasn’t far away, about a mile or so.  I set off and started to realise, as I was part way down the road, that these were actually quite high!  The pavements where I live are not in the best of repair and I found it a challenge to walk in these on the poor pavements.  I made it to the shop and back fine but I still find these a mystery.  They don’t have an exceptionally high platform or any exceptionally high heel.  On flat and smooth ground they are brilliant to wear but on a pot holed, manky pavement they weren’t ideal!

Still, I’m used to walking in heels and have very flexible ankles so a little twist won’t stop me anymore.

I don’t like to fit in and wear boring, plain black courts or pumps.  When these arrived at work I did wear them for a few hours and no one really gave me a second glance.  My colleagues are so used to me wearing all manner of shoes that they barely notice anything now!

I like the contrast on these shoes.  The powder blue is just the most gorgeous colour, the snake print is interesting and the black is classic.

I will get a lot of wear from these shoes but I’ll just be a bit more picky about when I wear them and it’ll be when I visit a nice shopping centre rather than walking about on pot hole pavements!


Who Are You Looking At?


I’m almost certain that these shoes are going to divide opinion.  Some of you will love them and some of you will hate them.

I own them, and wear them, so clearly I love them!

These are another pair of Iron Fist shoes called ‘I See You’.P1000436 P1000437

You may remember from my last post about Iron Fist shoes I told you that the sole is printed with the theme item from the shoes.  I have only worn these a few times so the pattern is still visible on the bottom of these.  It’s nice attention to detail.P1000438

These are them on:-
As you can see, they’re not for the faint hearted as they are quite high and they have a narrow heel but if you give them a try I think you’ll like them.

On the occasions that I’ve worn these it has resulted in conversations with strangers.  The comments vary from asking where I got my fabulous shoes to people asking how I can walk in something so high.

The question of how I can walk in something so high comes up all the time.  I have worn heels since I can remember.  I was always clumping around the house in my mum’s shoes, or those little plastic high heels, when I was little and, as soon as my feet were big enough, I was allowed a little pair of heels of my own.  I have always walked about on my tiptoes when I’m not wearing shoes.  My parents tell me I walked like that when I was small so wearing heels feels so natural for me.  I do wear trainers and flip flops so my leg muscles aren’t ruined but I feel very at home in heels.

Back to ‘I See You’.  They are bright and out there and not for everyone but if you want to wear a statement shoe these are a good choice.  They are not a current design so are not currently available on the Iron Fist website but I have found a few pairs on eBay if you want to give them a try.

What do you think?  Are you brave enough to wear these?  What would you wear them with?

A Quick Thought

It’s a beautiful day so instead of being miserable and sitting at my desk this lunchtime I decided to go for a wander.

It’s my Grandad’s birthday so I thought I’d nip to M&S and treat him to a little cake.

Anyway, as I always do, I was taking in the footwear of my fellow shoppers (I’m wearing these today – my favourite Steve Madden shoes!):
I heard a real clip clopping coming from close by so I had a look about.  I saw a woman committing a shoe crime!  Her heels had lost the heel tips and she was walking on the metal studs.  Given the state of the base of the heel she’d been wearing them like this for a while.

I am quite lazy and currently have about three pairs of shoes that need new heels but I never wear them until they’ve been done.  If the shoes are good enough to wear then it’s worth spending between £5 and £10 to get your heels re-tipped.  Walking about on the metal tips is not only noisy but it completely ruins the base of the heel.

Anyway, just a quick thought – back to work now.

Something for the Weekend?

Good evening fellow shoe lovers.

It occurred to me when I was taking some pictures of my shoes that the way we photograph shoes is not representative of the way that we actually see our shoes when we wear them.  Perhaps I can revolutionise how we photograph shoes…P1000429
I guess not the most flattering of angles…  I’ll work on that!!

To be honest, if I left this post with just the above picture you would have no idea of what these shoes actually look like.  This picture holds a secret!

Let me tell you a bit about the shoes before the reveal.

I remember being in a popular high street store once and looking at a pair of shoes that I thought were really pretty.  I was umming and ahhing and had picked them up and was about to take them to pay for them when two other women came into the shop, picked them up and bought them.  This was my cue to put them back and leave the shop.  I don’t like the idea that other people are wearing the same shoes as me so when I discovered Shoes of Prey I thought all of my dreams had come true!

I have spent many an evening designing pairs of shoes and storing them in my profile for when I win the lottery!  I’m not going to lie, these shoes are not cheap.  You are looking at a pair of heels starting at around £160.

I received this pair from my husband for my birthday and he did well!  They are beautifully presented in a ribbon tied box, the interior of which is padded with foam.  They are tissue wrapped and include a cloth storage bag, a pack of accessories such as heel grips and gel insoles.  The package is then topped off with a photo of your new shoes.

You can customise everything on their website.  It would be the perfect place for a unique pair of wedding shoes or for a very special occasion.

This is a better picture of the pair my husband designed for me:-
P1000425 P1000424

Now you may be thinking that they have one hell of a platform and you’d be right!  I don’t think my husband quite appreciated how high they were when he designed them so it certainly will have to be the right occasion to wear these babies but they are gorgeous and surprisingly comfortable.  If you compare the platform to the heel you don’t actually feel as if you’re wearing big heels when they’re on – apart from when you realise how much taller you are than everyone else now!

By way of comparison I have put them next to a pair of ‘normal’ heels here for youP1000426

Quite a difference, right?!

If you have a spare hour I would recommend heading over to this site and having a go at designing your unique shoes.  If you order them the quality is impeccable and the chances of you bumping into someone wearing the same shoes as you when you order from here is incredibly remote.  I’d rather have a custom designed pair of shoes from here than spending hundreds on a pair of shoes that you’ll see other women in.  You may think you want Louboutin’s but they mass produce those, these are made completely to your specification and they come with a 365 day return or remake policy.

I’d love to see your design if you make a pair, just be cautious when adding the platforms to them – they get pretty high!

Sunday Comfort

If you’ve been reading my posts I think you’ll get the idea that I love a nice pair of heels on my shoes but I do have sensible shoes too.

Today has been a great day for a number of reasons.  Firstly, it’s Sunday and that’s always good when your work week is Monday to Friday!  Secondly, and most importantly, I got to meet up with some friends visiting from the US who I haven’t seen for just over 20 years.  I’m in my mid thirties so I was young when I last saw them but it was amazing how easily you can just fall into natural conversation with some people.

Anyway, that’s not what you’re here for.  My sensible shoes today were a pair of Skechers sandals.  In recent years I have fallen in love with Skechers.  I’ve had four pairs of their sandals and two pairs of trainers over the last few years and Skechers know how to make a comfortable pair of shoes!

Last year I discovered their sandals with a ‘Yoga Mat’ foot bed and I can vouch for the fact that they are just beyond comfortable.  Going to see our friends today I decided to go for comfort and the Skechers went on.

I can’t find the sandals that I have, but they were from last summer so I guess their range has changed but if I was picking a pair today I would be going for these:

I could walk miles in my sandals and I’m pretty sure I could walk just as far in these.  It just goes to show that comfortable shoes can still be beautiful and don’t have to be flat.

My trainers of choice always used to be the children’s version of Nike Rifts but I now have Skechers trainers and they’re lovely.  Light, flexible and comfortable but that’s a post for another day!

What are your ‘go to’ shoes in the summer?

Screen Shopping for Shoes

One of the purposes of my blog on shoes was going to be to share with you my internet finds.

Many of my evenings are spent searching for something to fall in love with.  Shoes serve a practical purpose but that doesn’t mean that they need to be dull.  I have a few pairs of shoes for particular purposes.  I do own trainers, flip flops, Birkenstocks and winter boots but when I don’t need my shoes to do anything other than be beautiful I like to go to town.

I have some gorgeous shoes but I have got some absolute bargains and I will share with you my secrets to finding a bargain.

Let me start where I often start…  My first port of call is TK Maxx.  I’ve been in a few TK Maxx shops and I’m not a huge fan.  They have some great items but trying to find something good in the clothes rails is more effort than I’m willing to expend.  If I visit the shops I head straight for the shoe section.  It’s laid out by size so you don’t have to waste your time coveting shoes that don’t fit you.

The website is very much the same.  I look at women’s shoes and filter them by size.  I have found a pair that I really like:-

These are by Ruby Shoo and are only £16.99.  If you own anything by Ruby Shoo you’ll know that it’s a really good price.  The RRP on these is £38 and if you look in tReds or similar and find full price Ruby Shoos that is pretty much what you would pay.  More than a little bit tempted…

The details are here if you want to look in more detail:-

They have got some great names on here.  I love Steve Madden shoes, Kurt Geiger (including Miss KG) and Benjamin Adams and they have them all on here.  It’s a lottery as to what they have and in what size but it’s certainly worth a browse if you are shoe inclined.

Once I’ve filled up a basket with shoes at TK Maxx, asked my husband if he wants to buy me a present, been told no I then move on to Modatoi.

I set my filter to ‘Shoes’, ‘Heels’ and then select my shoe size.  What I love about this website is that they do shoes in all colours of the rainbow.  If you have an outfit and are looking for a coloured shoe then I’m almost certain you’ll find it here.

I think my pick of the day today will have to be these:-

They are available in yellow and blue as well.  I like the fact that they are classic with a twist.

I’m also enamoured by these:-

I’m on a slippery slope here!  This website always has many shoes I love.  What I like most is that most of them are around about £20.  It’s not a nothing amount of money but it’s not a huge amount of money in the grand scheme of things.

My final port of call on a regular basis is this:-

If you set the department to ‘Shoes, Bags & Accessories’ and the sub category to ‘Shoes’.  Press the ‘Search’ button and it’ll take you to the Amazon website.  Now just set your filters to whatever you’re looking for.  I set mine to ‘Women’s Shoes’ and pick my size and then have a look.

There are a lot of vile shoes to pick your way through (in my opinion) but you find some gems.  I like these –
They are currently £8.99 rather than the RRP of £49.99.

Where do you look for your shoes?  Have you found any gems?








Iron Fist for Work

Hello again shoe people,

I could get carried away on a tangent about the TV show ‘The Shoe People’ but I really shouldn’t.  I do however think that this is where the obsession started!

Today’s shoes are these little beauties from Iron Fist.


If you’re not familiar with Iron Fist then let me tell you a little bit about them.

In my opinion Iron Fist is one of the most exciting shoe makers on the market.  Their shoes really are bold, fun, different and exciting.  I own quite a number of pairs so you’ll see some of the repertoire if you stay with  me on this shoe journey.

This style is called ‘Beautiful Sinner’.  Now, look carefully and you will see the genius of Iron Fist.  Yes, some of their shoes are completely ‘out there’ and there is a picture of a zombie or similar adorning their footwear but they have some more subtle shoes too.  These shoes are a pink base colour then they have white and pink roses with green leaves.  That’s not it though.  There are then little black and white pictures of a skeleton figure.

What I love about these is that from a distance they just look like a pink shoes with a flower motif but the closer you get the more interesting they get.  What I also love about Iron Fist shoes is that there is a print on the sole of the shoe of the ‘interesting’ part of the pattern – granted it doesn’t last long once you start walking about in them but it’s a nice detail to begin with.  Finally, loads of their shoes have an interesting pattern inside.  There is real attention to detail in these shoes and it just makes them fabulous!

In case it is relevant to any of my readers, these shoes are also vegan.  Not this pair in particular, but other Iron Fist shoes, are real conversation starters as well.  I’ll show you a pair that have that effect soon!

Now, let me get to the wearing of these babies.  They look fabulous with jeans and when I wear black trousers I love to wear these to work.  People in the office don’t tend to bend over and examine your shoes so to most people they just look like a pair of pink floral courts.P1000400

See, only a little bit of them shows under trousers.

I love to wear them with a black dress.  I like a 50’s style dress with a nice full skirt, a great pair of shoes can really change the look and feel of your outfit.  A knee length skirt also looks good.

My final tip would be this…  When you’re wearing a statement pair of shoes keep the rest of your outfit simple so the attention is going where you want it to go.

Have you got any Iron Fist shoes?  Have you got your eye on any?

Coloured Courts by Modatoi


I know I said that this blog was in progress and I was preparing.  I decided today that there’s no time like the present to get underway so here we go…the first pair of beautiful heels to feature on my blog are these:-


Have you ever seen or worn anything like those before?  No?  Why’s that?  I understand that not everyone has the confidence to wear such a statement and other people might just think they’re gross but that’s the beauty of choice.

In my opinion a beautiful pair of shoes is a pair that are unique and you’re not going to see dozens of people wearing.  These fit that bill, I have never seen anyone else wearing these.

These are not in the current Modatoi collection but they have lots of interesting and exciting shoes like these.  When I chose these there were a number of colour combinations but I decided to go bold.

What would you wear them with?  In my opinion you can get a way with a lot.  They look superb with jeans, black trousers or a black skirt.  I would recommend that if you are going to wear a nice statement shoe like this that you keep the rest of your outfit plain.  Clothes for me are a means to an end, for me it’s the shoe (and a nice handbag) that makes the outfit interesting.

These shoes have taken me to a number of places.  I’ve worn them to work.  If you wear them under black trousers only a bit of them is showing so there’s a peek of something interesting but if you work in a more conservative environment you’re not showing too much colour off.

The green part on the bottom is all platform which means that although they look like a high heel, when you’re wearing them they don’t feel like a high heel.

Although these are no longer available they still have a similar idea in their current collection, if a slightly toned down version:-
These are currently at £18.40 and are available in three colour choices.

I currently have my eye on these little beauties:-

So then, tell me, would you wear a bright bold shoe like these or are you more of a black pump person?